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Does anyone else find this to be a fascinating movement to study? Looking past all the strutting and hep lingo, it strikes me as a sorely needed "Defensive Driving Course" for men when it comes to approaching women. I know in my own life, there was no set of guidelines handed out to prepare me for how I would be torn up-- i.e. when one acts according to romantic chivalry mode.

Men setting their own destiny; it's such a simple idea, but one that's already improving my self-esteem and the kinds of interactions that I have with women. I see now that there's absolutely NO POINT in being a weak man, allowing women to run rampant with no constructive guidance. No, it is far better to tell them about mgtow, intrigue them with the wonders of the manosphere, and then touch their butts when the time is right!

It's great for hitting on casual Feminists too-- it's like a brew to rehabilitate and soothe the gender dynamics that are all out of wack, if you can dig me.
The Final Fantasy 12 character hunts for a diner and finds that her own complexion has been served, rife with hidden messages.
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Let's Go!
Open question with a whole lot of possible answers rattling around; I'll list a few but I'd like to hear your take on things.

- Metaphor, making comparisons to better understand the world
- Direct observation, or creating an accurate image
- Appealing to the five senses
- Gaining a particular perspective or insight (Truth)
- Beauty, or an appreciation of the finer elements (For example, Poe believed that the death of someone young had the highest poetic quality)
- Telling a story, or to engage in play

I especially wonder about the dominant role of metaphor in poetry these days, since I tend to write more literally with lots of double-talk. Often I'll find an elevation of language in lies and flim-flam-- cargo which isn't fully secured in the overhead compartment.
Coupon Armistice
For those of you out there who have trouble understanding poetry, you might want to think of this as a "Lyrical Collage" or composite adventure, instead. Another helpful hint is that the last stanza carries a very slight influence from Philip K. Dick's "Second Variety", great read if you can track it down.

So what is this weirdness about, anyway? Well, I figure my muse is serving as something of an avatar to my mother's intense basement-rebate sorting activities. Talk about an "ignored at 2 A.M." feeling! Though I imagine an element from my younger life might easily be missed-- namely due to the whole "submarine blowjob" category which I've cracked open here. Hmm, now that I consider what future successors will make of my footwork, odds are that I'll have to slay the lot of them; in order to resume trade with Argentina.


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